DMV Fleet Automation

Sticker Quicker fleet automation technology
provides an agile solution for Fleet Managers.

DMV Service that understands Fleets!

Managing a fleet is no simple task. We understand primary responsibilities include purchasing and maintaining vehicles for deliveries, registering and licensing vehicles. Our service can help streamline and organize the various DMV processes. Allowing you to cut cost to maximize your profits year after year.

Learn How To Automate My Fleets DMV Registrations.
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  • California DMV Automation Partner

    We have enhanced the DMV system and processes to provide convenient automation reducing wait times and costly headaches. We provide unparalleled service, in person, via phone or chat.

  • Never Pay a DMV Penalty Again.

    Renewing your registration one day late can cost $885.00 per vehicle at 80,000 Weight class. Our service can help you avoid these costly penalities.

  • Avoid Owner Citations

    Our staff is trained to respond to your needs in minutes not hours. We can process your DMV transactions and issue inventory in minutes. Contact us via phone, email, or chat. We have a team available 6 Days a week.

DMV Services for Fleets

Managing your fleet day to day is hard enough. Trying to complete simple DMV transaction at your local DMV is harder. We have streamlined the following DMV process to meet your fleet needs.

Registration Renewal

Renew your Fleet registration in 2 simple steps. Receive a FREE instant electronic copy of your registration as soon as you check out.

DMV Inventory Replacements

Having issues with your DMV inventory getting lost or damaged. You can order a replacement registration card, stickers (CVRA and Weight), and license plates instantly, via phone or email. We can deliver next your inventory business day.

Title Transfers

Purchasing or transferring vehicle between companies or individuals has never been easier. We can process your title transfer within minutes and email you a copy of the updated registration.

Out of state Transfer

Need to register a car from another state or country to California. We have a highly educated staff which can process your transaction in 15 minutes. We will can email you a copy of your registration and next day ship your license plate, sticker, and validated registration card.

Vin Verification

California requires all vehicles from out of state to complete vehicle verification. Our team of licensed VIN verfiers can complete your vin verification onsite.

Lein Holder Update

A lienholder is your lender that legally owns your vehicle until you pay the loan back in full. We can help you add or remove your lienholder quickly.


The Manufacturer's Certificate/Statement of Origin (MCO/MSO) may be prepared at a factory, an assembly plant, or a business authorized by the manufacturer. We can use MCO/MSO to register your vehicle in California

Moving Permit

One day moving permit is a pass to allow you to drive your vehicle to complete certification like smog, vin verification, brake and lamp. Need to move your vehicle from one location to another? Request a one day moving permit.

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6 Reasons Why Fleet Managers Love Sticker Quicker Automation Platform

Organizing your Fleet

We organize your fleet renewals on a single pane of glass. Our granular search feature allows you to search all fields for easy access to your vehicle registration.

Agile Delivery

Saving you money on shipping cost. Our state of the art platform allows you to ship your DMV inventory directly to the branch operating the vehicle with a click of a button.

User Friendly Platform

Add multiple vehicles to your garage quickly and easily. Receive reminder notifications for your personal or commercial fleets.

Courteous Email Reminders

We promise not to spam your inbox with unnecessary emails. Our goal is to provide notification to help you avoid over priced DMV penalties.

Download Registration E-copy

Never have to worry about misplacing your registration. We will provide you an e-copy via email and free unlimited downloads from our portal.

Budget Registration Cost

Each year you can count on Sticker Quicker to provide you with current registration fees for all vehicles.

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